Saturday, March 14, 2009

Installing Adobe Live Cycle Data Services, with JBOSS, and getting an example to work in FlexBuilder All while on a MAC Introduction

Ok, first the disclaimer. I'm a hardware engineer, I shouldn't be writing code to begin with, but I do on the side. Now if you're like me whenever you're trying to learn something new it's a mixture of trying, and googling, lots of googling. So I decided that after years of leaching off of others posts and instructions that I'd start writing down what worked for me. At worst it's just a record for me, at best maybe it helps someone. I'd been learning to write AIR applications using Adobe's Flex Builder and I was just at the point where I wanted to store things in my Mysql database on my server. My first instinct was to just write some PHP code and call it from the air app, but I wanted more than that. I wanted everything to work while I was offline too, and thats when I came across Adobe Live Cycle Data Services. I even found some great sample code out there that should run in flex buiilder. So I embarked on a journey to get this all installed.

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