Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aras Innovator Orcad CIP Part Federation

Ok step one for me was to try to figure out how to get all those CIP PARTS into the ARAS user interface.

Step 1 Create a Federated Part
First make sure you are logged in as an Administrator, then in the Table of Contents, select Administration->Item Types->New Item Type

Step 2 Fill out form
Now you need to fill out the form that appears, all I filled out in the top form was the name as CIP_PART, and then make sure you click the Federated radio button.   Federated basically means "comes from some other source or database".   Now that I think about it I might have just made a copy of the standard Innovator PART and then modified it to be like this.

Now I also had to setup a few things in the lower section, first I wanted to make sure I could get to these parts from the table of contents (what they call the main menu on the left hand side of innovator).  So I went to the TOC Access tab and added CIP_PART to the Design menu.

Next I wanted to make sure no one could try to add one of these parts manually, and just to basically disable an field editing.  So I went into Can Add and unchecked the checkbox there.

Finally since I'm going to be providing the CIP PART data from our CIP database I need to add an event handler for the onGet event.   Basically this means whenever Innovator tries to get a CIP PART, it will call my code instead of their standard code.  Oh and ignore the onUpdate event handler, I never got around to that ;)

To create a new event handler just choose Create Related from the select box and click the new button right next to it (see the red arrow above).  Give the method a name, mine is CIP_GET, choose CSharp, and  select onGet as the event type.

That's it, save your new part and in the next step I'll go through my onGet function.

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