Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CIP Innovator Association

Now it's time to make an association between my Orcad CIP parts and my Innovator Parts.  Let me say again this is a hack and probably not the way you should do it, etc, etc.    Anyway step one is to create a new Item Type called CIP LOADED BOM.    To create the fields I needed I just added them in the property section.   Each property you add ends up being a column in the CIP LOADED BOM table.   So all I needed were:

  • partID: the part id of the Innovator part we're linking to
  • quantity: this comes from the Orcad CIS BOM it's how many of this part you need
  • ref_designator: these are the reference designators for you part like, C1, C2 C3 etc.
  • companyPartnumber:  This is our internal part number.
The relationship of partId and companyPartnumber is how I link what CIP components go with what Innovator part.

The next step is to create a form for this part, just click on the Views tab and create a new form called Loaded Bom like this:

That was pretty simple, and we'll use that form in the next post.  Now all you have to do is add it to the TOC.  Click the TOC Access tab and add it to the Design section.

Now if you wanted to you could go to this part under design view and add some CIP <-> Innovator part relationships.  Then when you click on the Innovator part under Design->Parts and choose the CIP BOM tab you'll see your parts that have been pulled from your CIP database.

The real goal of this for me was to generate a bom from Capture and import it directly into innovator.  I'll show you my hacked up way of doing that in my next post.

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